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Please contact a member of our senior leadership team with any customer issues or concerns.

SEAPORT E Delivery Orders 

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Last 3 Years Services Experience

Last 3 Years of Services Experience

Hegarty Research LLC is a SEAPORT E Prime Contractor

Companies interested in joining our team may contact our Vice President, James Devine.

Quality Assurance Program

Hegarty Research LLC is committed to quality and conforming with ISO 9001 quality procedures to seek quality improvements and ensure customer satisfaction.  Hegarty Research LLC enjoys a well-deserved reputation for delivering quality products and services in a timely manner, which is a direct result of the company’s emphasis on quality as an essential element of customer satisfaction and a proactive quality system, which monitors quality assurance and continuously seeks improvements in products or service.

Hegarty Research LLC’s quality process has three key elements: the right people on the job, a good understanding of the product or service to be provided and good processes that tie the two together.  The professional staff at Hegarty Research LLC is comprised of experienced individuals, including many who have enjoyed successful military careers.  In most cases they have a sound understanding of the product or service needed based on these previous careers.  Through our process of aligning people with the proper knowledge and skills to customer needs, a better product can be produced in a shorter period of time, providing efficiencies that can lead to cost savings.

Points of Contact for SeaPort-E

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